OpenRaid - #OR Event: H-MSV w/Icy Veins!


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#OR Event: H-MSV w/Icy Veins!

Led by an OpenRaid staff leader
StartSun 23 June 2013, 00:00  End 03:00 (GMT+1)
TypeExtreme Raid   Difficulty Heroic raids (25 man)
Faction  Horde  Region  US
Item Level 486+  Character Level 90+
LootNeed before Greed  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Darriepants


What we're doing...

Join us for a special event where you can raid with the staff of Icy Veins, featuring Zagam, Reniat, and Mendenbarr!

All players who sign up for the event will be left at Not Approved until 48 hours before the Event, and then Approvals/Reserves will be completed randomly. Please note that special consideration will be given to players with Heroic MSV experience, and 510+ Item Level. This is not a "learning" run.

You will receive a BattleTag request from Darrie *at least* one hour before the raid, and you must accept this BattleTag request no later than 30 minutes before the start of the raid, or risk being replaced.

Live Stream Provided by Deveh!

There are no item reserves for this event. Loot will be NB4G with VALID UPGRADES ONLY being Needed. Off Spec will be Greed. There will be NO DISENCHANTING of Epic Level Items.[/warn]

Ventrilo + DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs is required. No exceptions.

Voice Chat is 100% Required. You MUST have Vent set up and ready to go.

Vent Info
Port: 3784
Password: raidopen
Channel: OpenRaid Event

Please note: This event is subject to rescheduling should other obligations arise for the staff of Icy Veins at the scheduled raid time. We thank you in advance for understanding.

This event may be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording.

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Approved Roster

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Darriepants Jun 13th, 18:11 Yes
Yes     Reniat   Jun 13th, 23:51 Yes
Yes     Hrothjab   Jun 16th, 04:27 Yes
Yes     Träuma   Jun 14th, 22:21 Yes
Yes     Elsiya   Jun 15th, 17:12 Yes
Yes     Checksmix   Jun 18th, 14:13 Yes
Yes     Thaleous   Jun 18th, 17:44 Yes
Yes     Zagam Jun 13th, 19:13 Yes
Yes     Mendenbarr Jun 13th, 21:22 Yes
Yes     Dedguy   Jun 14th, 23:28 Yes
Yes     Fortyz   Jun 21st, 22:02 Yes
Yes     Rètcon   Jun 15th, 15:45 Yes
Yes     Dokazil   Jun 17th, 07:27 Yes
Yes     Kaidien   Jun 18th, 13:15 Yes
Yes     Kozzii   Jun 19th, 13:50 Yes
Yes     Ninavolfield   Jun 19th, 01:46 Yes
Yes     Crysil   Jun 19th, 05:36 Yes
Yes     Jertbex   Jun 19th, 07:26 Yes

Reserves Roster

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Estarriol   Jun 21st, 19:39 Reserves
Yes     Zeleanor   Jun 18th, 21:24 Reserves
Yes     Andolie   Jun 14th, 20:03 Reserves
Yes     Deutschehoof Jun 22nd, 19:37 Reserves
Yes     Pùsh   Jun 21st, 01:17 Reserves


This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Themuz   Jun 14th, 23:11 No
Yes     Arvala Jun 15th, 01:22 No
Yes     Ravsis   Jun 15th, 22:53 No
Yes     Avacy Jun 16th, 03:08 No
Yes     Nomnomsom   Jun 16th, 05:54 No
Yes     Mõrtis Jun 16th, 12:32 No
Yes     Fatalflaw   Jun 16th, 14:15 No
Yes     Balsdk   Jun 16th, 20:56 No
Yes     Apple   Jun 17th, 17:11 No
Yes     Epícwarríor   Jun 17th, 19:54 No
Yes     Bloodraw Jun 18th, 03:06 No
Yes     Tartarsáuce   Jun 18th, 11:34 No
Yes     Mathill Jun 18th, 12:05 No
Yes     Cerbèrus   Jun 18th, 12:17 No
Yes     Lezadruid Jun 18th, 13:34 No
Yes     Blizzlight Jun 18th, 15:36 No
Yes     Bluesagee   Jun 18th, 15:40 No
Yes     Tyquando   Jun 18th, 16:59 No
Yes     Jetswept Jun 18th, 17:10 No
Yes     Gidgidonni   Jun 18th, 17:49 No
Yes     Slashbubble   Jun 18th, 22:45 No
Yes     Thaeryn   Jun 19th, 00:30 No
Yes     Davideus   Jun 20th, 17:20 No
Yes     Massti Jun 19th, 05:54 No
Yes     Aurrius   Jun 19th, 06:37 No
Yes     Eury   Jun 19th, 14:33 No
Yes     Happygigglez   Jun 19th, 16:06 No
Yes     Kickonurface   Jun 19th, 19:38 No
Yes     Xlark Jun 20th, 00:11 No
Yes     Thoondercnt   Jun 20th, 19:09 No
Yes     Evilnecroman Jun 21st, 07:29 No
Yes     Billionairex Jun 22nd, 03:27 No
Yes     Espelyn   Jun 14th, 21:50 No
Yes     Alomad   Jun 14th, 22:01 No
Yes     Blazingeyes Jun 14th, 23:37 No
Yes     Chelms   Jun 14th, 23:38 No
Yes     Líthy   Jun 15th, 08:06 No
Yes     Barrun Jun 15th, 01:05 No
Yes     Pyrae   Jun 15th, 08:32 No
Yes     Monkinitus   Jun 15th, 09:38 No
Yes     Sahal   Jun 15th, 11:33 No
Yes     Archarus Jun 15th, 16:37 No
Yes     Vindication Jun 15th, 18:02 No
Yes     Niarah   Jun 15th, 19:00 No
Yes     Kamana Jun 16th, 00:32 No
Yes     Kromagnon Jun 16th, 01:11 No
Yes     Drheelgood   Jun 16th, 03:04 No
Yes     Jaltz   Jun 16th, 03:43 No
Yes     Arellis Jun 16th, 05:15 No
Yes     Shikit   Jun 16th, 18:06 No
Yes     Attoner   Jun 16th, 19:36 No
Yes     Azki   Jun 17th, 05:37 No
Yes     Absëy   Jun 17th, 14:43 No
Yes     Jyxntotem Jun 17th, 18:05 No
Yes     Ibans   Jun 18th, 02:45 No
Yes     Heorc   Jun 18th, 04:47 No
Yes     Reredrumm Jun 18th, 09:25 No
Yes     Lavaalamp   Jun 18th, 10:04 No
Yes     Ioo   Jun 18th, 10:14 No
Yes     Spacepunch   Jun 18th, 11:02 No
Yes     Snoôki   Jun 18th, 11:39 No
Yes     Peachës   Jun 18th, 12:13 No
Yes     Dubsinth Jun 18th, 16:14 No
Yes     Devineßovine   Jun 18th, 17:19 No
Yes     Saintlyn Jun 18th, 17:23 No
Yes     Mylò   Jun 18th, 18:06 No
Yes     Beatface   Jun 18th, 18:16 No
Yes     Kiryusha   Jun 18th, 19:52 No
Yes     Arctik Jun 18th, 20:32 No
Yes     Pallyden   Jun 19th, 01:08 No
Yes     Alexxius Jun 19th, 05:53 No
Yes     Superwaldo   Jun 19th, 06:52 No
Yes     Angelusvitae   Jun 19th, 07:01 No
Yes     Hebron   Jun 19th, 17:12 No
Yes     Shoeman Jun 19th, 21:53 No
Yes     Lightswráth   Jun 19th, 22:33 No
Yes     Tykni   Jun 19th, 22:32 No
Yes     Nicedruid   Jun 19th, 22:36 No
Yes     Sálveo   Jun 19th, 23:40 No
Yes     Îris   Jun 20th, 00:18 No
Yes     Jeddius   Jun 20th, 02:43 No
Yes     Iltareh   Jun 21st, 02:52 No
Yes     Lien Jun 21st, 08:02 No
Yes     Palliemcheal   Jun 21st, 18:58 No
Yes     Amygdalyn Jun 22nd, 02:09 No
Yes     Shâmâ   Jun 22nd, 12:08 No
Yes     Juddist Jun 22nd, 23:48 No
Yes     Laslowz   Jun 21st, 06:28 No
Yes     Krackel Jun 14th, 17:57 No
Yes     Alyniana   Jun 20th, 03:24 No
Yes     Cologen Jun 14th, 19:10 No
Yes     Kibsy   Jun 14th, 20:20 No
Yes     Calade Jun 14th, 19:39 No
Yes     Xepa Jun 14th, 19:49 No
Yes     Bazkalok Jun 14th, 20:13 No
Yes     Thermyte   Jun 14th, 20:15 No
Yes     Smokingbudda   Jun 14th, 20:16 No
Yes     Lrntwohammer   Jun 14th, 20:27 No
Yes     Confirmed   Jun 20th, 14:30 No
Yes     Subie   Jun 14th, 21:26 No
Yes     Blackcowguy Jun 14th, 21:31 No
Yes     Gamorrah Jun 14th, 21:39 No
Yes     Zendil   Jun 14th, 21:45 No
Yes     Silikith   Jun 14th, 22:30 No
Yes     Zexenn   Jun 14th, 22:35 No
Yes     Syruh Jun 14th, 22:44 No
Yes     Giggleflat   Jun 14th, 23:15 No
Yes     Selestra Jun 14th, 23:17 No
Yes     Skkarrgh   Jun 14th, 23:56 No
Yes     Poojo Jun 15th, 00:07 No
Yes     Avangeline   Jun 15th, 00:14 No
Yes     Wilhelm   Jun 15th, 01:25 No
Yes     Yudai Jun 15th, 02:15 No
Yes     Cruciamentum   Jun 19th, 23:37 No
Yes     Caliy   Jun 15th, 03:21 No
Yes     Acidarrow   Jun 15th, 03:52 No
Yes     Wolfeson   Jun 20th, 22:31 No
Yes     Mecamagic   Jun 17th, 09:29 No
Yes     Ruther   Jun 15th, 04:29 No
Yes     Sokz Jun 15th, 06:30 No
Yes     Marilata Jun 15th, 06:44 No
Yes     Mpeasy   Jun 15th, 19:28 No
Yes     Notjeremy   Jun 15th, 08:04 No
Yes     Coptic   Jun 15th, 08:34 No
Yes     Goofydabomb   Jun 15th, 09:38 No
Yes     Krazyrino Jun 15th, 10:21 No
Yes     Defianceohio Jun 15th, 12:15 No
Yes     Jagershock Jun 15th, 14:23 No
Yes     Sammikk Jun 15th, 15:17 No
Yes     Mordorsfist Jun 15th, 15:22 No
Yes     Ghanksta   Jun 17th, 15:44 No
Yes     Tranquil Jun 15th, 17:26 No
Yes     Raghron   Jun 15th, 18:07 No
Yes     Prakas Jun 15th, 19:01 No
Yes     Fossy   Jun 15th, 19:03 No
Yes     Azmodai Jun 15th, 19:28 No
Yes     Zephyrmot   Jun 15th, 19:38 No
Yes     Vveronika Jun 15th, 20:07 No
Yes     Drannosh   Jun 15th, 20:10 No
Yes     Pandacea Jun 15th, 21:40 No
Yes     Jondaria   Jun 15th, 22:30 No
Yes     Deamann Jun 15th, 22:56 No
Yes     Rhyane   Jun 16th, 00:22 No
Yes     Bheghara   Jun 16th, 00:47 No
Yes     Stolenoreos   Jun 16th, 01:43 No
Yes     Wingsbearer   Jun 16th, 02:06 No
Yes     Nèon   Jun 16th, 02:17 No
Yes     Dartth   Jun 16th, 02:17 No
Yes     Ethereaelle   Jun 16th, 02:21 No
Yes     Rélax   Jun 16th, 03:00 No
Yes     Gunper Jun 16th, 04:25 No
Yes     Bladeweaver   Jun 16th, 04:57 No
Yes     Jerseyguy Jun 16th, 05:56 No
Yes     Cress   Jun 16th, 10:49 No
Yes     Silveráin Jun 16th, 13:42 No
Yes     Liz Jun 16th, 15:24 No
Yes     Smakken   Jun 16th, 15:49 No
Yes     Skyeashe   Jun 16th, 15:53 No
Yes     Roh Jun 16th, 16:14 No
Yes     Griffith Jun 16th, 16:18 No
Yes     Zuelase   Jun 16th, 17:32 No
Yes     Kaeliri Jun 16th, 18:56 No
Yes     Shardstorm   Jun 16th, 22:01 No
Yes     Wakarimasen   Jun 16th, 22:20 No
Yes     Elywnn Jun 16th, 23:03 No
Yes     Ansrareth Jun 16th, 23:50 No
Yes     Orømis   Jun 17th, 00:10 No
Yes     Zarinå Jun 17th, 01:21 No
Yes     Acalanto Jun 17th, 02:04 No
Yes     Valokyr   Jun 17th, 03:00 No
Yes     Applications Jun 17th, 03:12 No
Yes     Burnout   Jun 17th, 03:22 No
Yes     Lilwillkilla   Jun 21st, 04:49 No
Yes     Eavesdrop Jun 17th, 03:32 No
Yes     Jepetozz   Jun 17th, 08:04 No
Yes     Lockoholic Jun 17th, 08:15 No
Yes     Owelbama   Jun 22nd, 05:20 No
Yes     Igne   Jun 17th, 12:33 No
Yes     Arestes   Jun 17th, 13:21 No
Yes     Wildlite Jun 17th, 15:36 No
Yes     Lavalashlol   Jun 17th, 17:09 No
Yes     Calthor   Jun 17th, 17:19 No
Yes     Daei Jun 17th, 21:56 No
Yes     Sorrck Jun 17th, 23:06 No
Yes     Dubtastic Jun 17th, 23:11 No
Yes     Warrsaw Jun 18th, 01:51 No
Yes     Lampzilla Jun 18th, 03:11 No
Yes     Deàdtúme   Jun 18th, 03:30 No
Yes     Snover Jun 18th, 06:08 No
Yes     Tarov   Jun 18th, 09:21 No
Yes     Crowdeds Jun 18th, 09:33 No
Yes     Døvah   Jun 18th, 09:43 No
Yes     Yuna Jun 18th, 09:50 No
Yes     Ishottu Jun 18th, 18:07 No
Yes     Sinikal   Jun 18th, 10:55 No
Yes     Borello   Jun 18th, 11:00 No
Yes     Stranger Jun 18th, 11:11 No
Yes     Anoramus Jun 18th, 12:16 No
Yes     Johnyb Jun 18th, 12:25 No
Yes     Tsunadi   Jun 18th, 12:26 No
Yes     Crysladiel   Jun 18th, 12:36 No
Yes     Aphorain   Jun 18th, 13:40 No
Yes     Edgyride Jun 18th, 13:59 No
Yes     Artemishowl Jun 18th, 14:09 No
Yes     Dracsol   Jun 18th, 14:17 No
Yes     Kellathas Jun 18th, 14:25 No
Yes     Luniasera Jun 18th, 14:40 No
Yes     Svolm   Jun 18th, 14:44 No
Yes     Garutar Jun 18th, 14:45 No
Yes     Gorillawarf   Jun 18th, 14:49 No
Yes     Wayler   Jun 18th, 15:00 No
Yes     Jaaja Jun 18th, 15:45 No
Yes     Owwmynose Jun 18th, 16:03 No
Yes     Irongorre Jun 18th, 16:03 No
Yes     Cynl   Jun 18th, 16:15 No
Yes     Proxzy   Jun 18th, 16:16 No
Yes     Hippiy   Jun 18th, 16:53 No
Yes     Udderdemise Jun 18th, 17:16 No
Yes     Rezbrez Jun 18th, 17:38 No
Yes     Icykill Jun 18th, 17:54 No
Yes     Saadarth   Jun 18th, 18:35 No
Yes     Zantetsukën Jun 18th, 18:36 No
Yes     Nightstream   Jun 18th, 18:52 No
Yes     Cendy   Jun 18th, 19:21 No
Yes     Mephini Jun 18th, 20:11 No
Yes     Sathirria Jun 18th, 20:14 No
Yes     Rottenlife   Jun 18th, 20:18 No
Yes     Darthvaderz   Jun 18th, 20:20 No
Yes     Rewt   Jun 18th, 20:37 No
Yes     Kirginfirgin Jun 18th, 21:37 No
Yes     Vcamperv   Jun 18th, 22:09 No
Yes     Kirijölith   Jun 20th, 15:46 No
Yes     Krippz Jun 18th, 23:24 No
Yes     Pewpewmonies Jun 18th, 23:37 No
Yes     Baelzharon   Jun 18th, 23:38 No
Yes     Monkymcfunky Jun 18th, 23:41 No
Yes     Totemofdeath Jun 19th, 00:20 No
Yes     Leearoy Jun 19th, 02:03 No
Yes     Zerthimon Jun 19th, 02:32 No
Yes     Savalia Jun 19th, 02:56 No
Yes     Mangkepweng   Jun 20th, 16:38 No
Yes     Katasha Jun 19th, 03:49 No
Yes     Dèathbysmash   Jun 19th, 07:03 No
Yes     Tenley   Jun 19th, 09:03 No
Yes     Sleepypan Jun 19th, 09:14 No
Yes     Toxy Jun 19th, 09:15 No
Yes     Xito Jun 19th, 09:34 No
Yes     Sokar   Jun 19th, 15:23 No
Yes     Drazqt   Jun 19th, 15:56 No
Yes     Melithiria   Jun 19th, 18:23 No
Yes     Gothian Jun 19th, 18:42 No
Yes     Beastr   Jun 19th, 20:38 No
Yes     Resupply Jun 19th, 21:17 No
Yes     Gulruth Jun 19th, 21:32 No
Yes     Fridge   Jun 20th, 03:33 No
Yes     Lacklustar   Jun 20th, 08:59 No
Yes     Jappchillin   Jun 20th, 16:16 No
Yes     Jappchillin   Jun 20th, 16:16 No
Yes     No   Jun 22nd, 03:13 No
Yes     Glowstick   Jun 20th, 18:40 No
Yes     Lorkus   Jun 20th, 19:36 No
Yes     Nethron   Jun 20th, 20:55 No
Yes     Takeitsleazy Jun 20th, 21:19 No
Yes     Dresdenfire   Jun 20th, 22:31 No
Yes     Orphen   Jun 21st, 00:48 No
Yes     Bakasura   Jun 21st, 03:43 No
Yes     Serenei   Jun 21st, 05:19 No
Yes     Twinkfury   Jun 21st, 05:39 No
Yes     Battlebear   Jun 21st, 07:33 No
Yes     Burdax Jun 21st, 16:06 No
Yes     Darkmnl Jun 21st, 19:53 No
Yes     Punkguy Jun 21st, 23:16 No
Yes     Seras   Jun 21st, 23:57 No
Yes     Kindersoot Jun 22nd, 01:15 No
Yes     Shade   Jun 22nd, 02:10 No
Yes     Gluthoric   Jun 22nd, 02:26 No
Yes     Onimaster Jun 22nd, 03:28 No
Yes     Blizzinator Jun 22nd, 03:34 No
Yes     Zatetic Jun 22nd, 05:34 No
Yes     Dxh   Jun 22nd, 05:59 No
Yes     Dirtyarrows   Jun 22nd, 13:09 No
Yes     Sillvain   Jun 22nd, 14:42 No
Yes     Yaksnot Jun 22nd, 14:59 No
Yes     Eyb Jun 22nd, 17:05 No
Yes     Relor   Jun 22nd, 18:06 No
Yes     Välrak Jun 22nd, 19:19 No
Yes     Phury   Jun 22nd, 19:55 No
Yes     Debourer   Jun 22nd, 20:09 No
Yes     Doneire   Jun 22nd, 22:39 No
Yes     Messam   Jun 22nd, 23:23 No
Yes     Brimjob Jun 23rd, 00:05 No
Yes     Furiaen Jun 23rd, 00:11 No
Maybe     Shikyokami Jun 18th, 22:21 No
Maybe     Avendesøra   Jun 14th, 21:33 No
Maybe     Neijr Jun 19th, 04:42 No
Maybe     Spiritabyss Jun 21st, 07:23 No
Maybe     Mystique   Jun 21st, 03:47 No
Maybe     Stokers Jun 14th, 21:49 No
Maybe     Osrith Jun 18th, 21:11 No
Maybe     Bravallys Jun 21st, 06:24 No

Cancelled Roster

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Removed due to no-show

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Tanks: 2 / 3 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 5 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 17 (3 reserves)

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If you would like to discuss this event, you can use this chatbox. Keep in mind the raid leader may not be in the chat box. If you're the raid leader or a reserve, this chatbox can be very useful just before the raid so that you can stay in touch while the raid is being formed.

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Sun 23 Jun 2013
Posted at 02:50
Raid Evaluated. Did what I could with what I remembered. Take no offense if I didn't give you feedback.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 23:52
I'm online and in vent if a reserve is needed. Look forward to hanging out and listening tonight either way.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 23:47
Here and ready if you need a reserve to come in!

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 23:32
Vent Channel is open! Come on it! Also, Approved BattleTag requests were all sent about 3-4 hours ago. If you are APPROVED and you didn't get an invite: try logging in and out of WoW. If that doesn't work, come into Vent ASAP and talk to Darrie.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 20:27
On the reserves list, but definitely planning to hang out regardless. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky. ;)

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 19:25
sweet getting excited!! thanks for the approval!!

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 19:18
I'm excited. :D

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 19:10
MD TO DARRIE ALL NIGHT. Or maybe its Ook all night. I get those two mixed up.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 15:27 is having everyone reset their password, and everyone's streaming key has been reset. Make sure to update your streaming keys if you plan on streaming tonight.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 13:57
@ Darrie : I will be online at 7-7:25 PM to accept my real id request unless you can send it ~4:30 pm I'm going to be out of the house then. Just letting you know so you don't think I'm skipping out D= . @ Zag : was a joke I wont actually be MD'ing to anyone unless directed. Looking forward to having some fun with everyone tonight.

New: Alt Spec

If you'd like to join with your alternative specialization, you can use this field. Note that if you use this field, the event leader can change your role! The event leader will select the role you are needed as. Please make sure you prepare for the correct role. Your role may change at any time.