OpenRaid - #OR Event: H-MSV w/Icy Veins!


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#OR Event: H-MSV w/Icy Veins!

Led by an OpenRaid staff leader
StartSat 22 June 2013, 18:00  End 22:00 (GMT+1)
TypeExtreme Raid   Difficulty Heroic raids (25 man)
Faction  Horde  Region  EU
Item Level 486+  Character Level 90+
LootNeed before Greed  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Trusmoov


What we're doing...

Join us for a special event where you can raid with the staff of Icy Veins, featuring the founder of Icy Veins, Orodeath!

All players who sign up for the event will be left at Not Approved until 48 hours before the Event, and then Approvals/Reserves will be completed randomly. Please note that special consideration will be given to players with Heroic MSV experience, and 510+ Item Level. This is not a "learning" run.

If you don't manage to get in the raid group you are always welcome to join the ventrilo and/or watch the event on my stream.

You will receive a BattleTag request from myself *at least* one hour before the raid, and you must accept this BattleTag request no later than 30 minutes before the start of the raid, or risk being replaced.

There are no item reserves for this event. Loot will be NB4G with VALID UPGRADES ONLY being Needed. Off Spec will be Greed. There will be NO DISENCHANTING of Epic Level Items.[/warn]

Ventrilo + DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs is required. No exceptions.

Voice Chat is 100% Required. You MUST have Vent set up and ready to go.

Vent Info
Port: 3784
Password: raidopen
Channel: OpenRaid Event

Please note: This event is subject to rescheduling should other obligations arise for the staff of Icy Veins at the scheduled raid time. We thank you in advance for understanding.

This event may be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording.

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Approved Roster

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Trusmoov Jun 13th, 19:36 Yes
Moderator     Zarzer Jun 15th, 00:00 Yes
Yes     Nalicow   Jun 18th, 13:26 Yes
Yes     Vëlocity Jun 15th, 11:36 Yes
Yes     Luvprincess   Jun 19th, 15:33 Yes
Yes     Hymnoffail Jun 18th, 17:48 Yes
Yes     Xónq   Jun 22nd, 15:59 Yes
Yes     Favory   Jun 21st, 08:09 Yes
Yes     Brayden Jun 14th, 20:19 Yes
Yes     Namelessd Jun 14th, 20:52 Yes
Yes     Retlix Jun 14th, 21:42 Yes
Yes     Metalsnakes   Jun 15th, 11:04 Yes
Yes     Elégon   Jun 15th, 11:16 Yes
Yes     Näzgul   Jun 15th, 21:19 Yes
Yes     Meteo   Jun 19th, 06:35 Yes
Yes     Mugffey Jun 16th, 08:59 Yes
Yes     Vuilegrizzel   Jun 17th, 10:14 Yes
Yes     Lêiara   Jun 18th, 09:51 Yes
Yes     Lomilica   Jun 18th, 12:01 Yes
Yes     Tehom Jun 18th, 13:03 Yes
Yes     Mink   Jun 18th, 13:29 Yes
Yes     Irkthul Jun 22nd, 16:10 Yes
Yes     Downstrider   Jun 18th, 17:05 Yes
Yes     Orodeath Jun 20th, 16:52 Yes
Yes     Damosapien   Jun 21st, 15:00 Yes

Reserves Roster

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Mayhém   Jun 19th, 12:03 Reserves
Yes     Tides Jun 14th, 22:22 Reserves
Yes     Decoy   Jun 14th, 23:58 Reserves
Yes     Sarris   Jun 15th, 08:19 Reserves
Yes     Mingyu   Jun 15th, 09:51 Reserves
Yes     Chií   Jun 17th, 20:54 Reserves
Yes     Elendils Jun 18th, 15:29 Reserves
Yes     Leylai Jun 18th, 17:41 Reserves
Yes     Lowallyn Jun 19th, 14:35 Reserves
Yes     Âshe   Jun 15th, 12:49 Reserves
Yes     Shalløw Jun 14th, 23:51 Reserves
Yes     Ponó   Jun 15th, 00:27 Reserves
Yes     Kelráz   Jun 15th, 08:55 Reserves
Yes     Kuznokqt   Jun 15th, 11:55 Reserves
Yes     Kvitsaus Jun 15th, 14:56 Reserves
Yes     Nêp   Jun 15th, 15:09 Reserves
Yes     Jeyßlac   Jun 15th, 16:45 Reserves
Yes     Scottbot   Jun 15th, 16:47 Reserves
Yes     Cersei   Jun 15th, 17:40 Reserves
Yes     Rainbowrose   Jun 17th, 18:33 Reserves
Yes     Slayershini Jun 18th, 09:47 Reserves
Yes     Káruna   Jun 18th, 10:19 Reserves
Yes     Emmeran Jun 18th, 10:53 Reserves
Yes     Herzen Jun 18th, 12:22 Reserves
Yes     Незерспайт   Jun 18th, 14:01 Reserves
Yes     Xylós   Jun 18th, 15:06 Reserves
Yes     Ariannah   Jun 20th, 00:56 Reserves
Yes     Chilliajin Jun 18th, 23:52 Reserves
Yes     Xkamor Jun 19th, 06:19 Reserves
Yes     Cynselene   Jun 19th, 12:03 Reserves


This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Lifëbloom   Jun 21st, 09:38 No
Yes     Namarra   Jun 15th, 15:53 No
Yes     Thranng   Jun 18th, 09:39 No
Yes     Zeozordon   Jun 18th, 09:44 No
Yes     Tókár   Jun 18th, 09:56 No
Yes     Arius Jun 18th, 10:12 No
Yes     Abyssangel Jun 18th, 11:25 No
Yes     Greeksoldier   Jun 18th, 14:42 No
Yes     Wolfpaw   Jun 19th, 11:14 No
Yes     Theplush   Jun 19th, 13:11 No
Yes     Cosita Jun 19th, 16:14 No
Yes     Coma Jun 19th, 16:31 No
Yes     Илиш   Jun 22nd, 14:22 No
Yes     Shuffi   Jun 19th, 20:32 No
Yes     Imsuperdw   Jun 15th, 16:43 No
Yes     Richtofen Jun 15th, 17:25 No
Yes     Квиге   Jun 15th, 20:24 No
Yes     Moyalan Jun 15th, 21:25 No
Yes     Vilenx Jun 15th, 22:59 No
Yes     Restopouch   Jun 16th, 07:48 No
Yes     Karambo   Jun 16th, 10:21 No
Yes     Gaía Jun 16th, 10:37 No
Yes     Grizzel   Jun 17th, 10:14 No
Yes     Andros   Jun 17th, 11:23 No
Yes     Snowky   Jun 17th, 11:50 No
Yes     Azrealy   Jun 17th, 12:04 No
Yes     Zhaira   Jun 18th, 09:35 No
Yes     Kayleah Jun 18th, 09:41 No
Yes     Quench Jun 18th, 11:36 No
Yes     Zierra   Jun 18th, 22:48 No
Yes     Yaoxin   Jun 18th, 15:51 No
Yes     Neoste   Jun 18th, 19:20 No
Yes     Nefox Jun 18th, 20:13 No
Yes     Utwo Jun 18th, 20:25 No
Yes     Emergencyrm   Jun 18th, 21:24 No
Yes     Benjago Jun 18th, 21:42 No
Yes     Donchimonk   Jun 19th, 00:12 No
Yes     Matty Jun 20th, 11:41 No
Yes     Millé   Jun 20th, 12:02 No
Yes     Savoire Jun 21st, 15:49 No
Yes     Enisee Jun 22nd, 17:26 No
Yes     Kiiriito Jun 15th, 10:22 No
Yes     Gomer Jun 15th, 13:21 No
Yes     Norrath   Jun 15th, 16:28 No
Yes     Spectré   Jun 15th, 19:17 No
Yes     Woahoof   Jun 18th, 11:33 No
Yes     Daynine   Jun 19th, 16:19 No
Yes     Totemish   Jun 15th, 22:48 No
Yes     Aylwen Jun 16th, 09:29 No
Yes     Nutbladder   Jun 16th, 10:21 No
Yes     Xarith   Jun 16th, 11:03 No
Yes     Deathmiss   Jun 16th, 11:30 No
Yes     Shlee   Jun 16th, 13:17 No
Yes     Nìko   Jun 16th, 15:40 No
Yes     Lithomien Jun 16th, 17:17 No
Yes     Aurorasofia Jun 16th, 18:11 No
Yes     Kazerin   Jun 19th, 16:19 No
Yes     Terror Jun 16th, 19:43 No
Yes     Màlzahar   Jun 16th, 21:12 No
Yes     Exalidan   Jun 20th, 13:51 No
Yes     Wildbloom   Jun 17th, 09:16 No
Yes     Drukst   Jun 17th, 10:08 No
Yes     Juicypipi Jun 17th, 13:47 No
Yes     Cabronsote Jun 17th, 14:05 No
Yes     Razerboy   Jun 17th, 14:23 No
Yes     Orochimarú   Jun 18th, 19:11 No
Yes     Zappinella   Jun 18th, 00:11 No
Yes     Arlecchino   Jun 18th, 07:48 No
Yes     Kizik   Jun 18th, 12:21 No
Yes     Krrax   Jun 18th, 09:14 No
Yes     Jarg   Jun 18th, 09:33 No
Yes     Martenus   Jun 18th, 09:37 No
Yes     Sonurus   Jun 18th, 09:38 No
Yes     Dawnkìì Jun 18th, 09:39 No
Yes     Reverie Jun 18th, 09:44 No
Yes     Kragar   Jun 18th, 10:20 No
Yes     Wassted Jun 18th, 10:36 No
Yes     Keedrenn   Jun 18th, 10:42 No
Yes     Critsom   Jun 18th, 10:56 No
Yes     Ukllen   Jun 18th, 11:04 No
Yes     Svufuzzles Jun 18th, 11:18 No
Yes     Demsi Jun 18th, 11:43 No
Yes     Earthbinder Jun 18th, 12:16 No
Yes     Grävmaskínen Jun 18th, 12:37 No
Yes     Gliniel   Jun 18th, 13:19 No
Yes     Metá   Jun 20th, 07:50 No
Yes     Khaba Jun 18th, 13:44 No
Yes     Trollnt Jun 18th, 14:08 No
Yes     Whoppa   Jun 21st, 17:25 No
Yes     Gogins   Jun 18th, 14:31 No
Yes     Lázaros   Jun 18th, 14:39 No
Yes     Thyuran Jun 18th, 14:43 No
Yes     Érica Jun 18th, 14:54 No
Yes     Kahoolì Jun 18th, 15:19 No
Yes     Kayrah Jun 18th, 15:29 No
Yes     Bluefield Jun 18th, 15:31 No
Yes     Narlash   Jun 18th, 16:10 No
Yes     Dualas Jun 18th, 16:10 No
Yes     Demmos Jun 18th, 16:36 No
Yes     Dagouor   Jun 18th, 16:42 No
Yes     Ðante   Jun 18th, 17:34 No
Yes     Silmarilen Jun 18th, 17:58 No
Yes     Breagh   Jun 18th, 18:21 No
Yes     Elphinä   Jun 18th, 18:32 No
Yes     Thunderkiing   Jun 18th, 19:12 No
Yes     Ridez Jun 18th, 19:45 No
Yes     Scalphite Jun 18th, 20:16 No
Yes     Ironhoof Jun 18th, 20:17 No
Yes     Voodoopx   Jun 18th, 20:20 No
Yes     Tingoz Jun 18th, 21:05 No
Yes     Гюльфи Jun 18th, 21:55 No
Yes     Vongol   Jun 19th, 06:25 No
Yes     Evengeance   Jun 19th, 01:24 No
Yes     Shenani   Jun 19th, 01:39 No
Yes     Kailes Jun 19th, 01:53 No
Yes     Velissa   Jun 19th, 04:45 No
Yes     Bloodgrip   Jun 19th, 06:57 No
Yes     Silmêria   Jun 19th, 07:01 No
Yes     Korathan   Jun 19th, 07:46 No
Yes     Destructorc   Jun 19th, 08:10 No
Yes     Zephyr   Jun 19th, 09:16 No
Yes     Tígèr   Jun 19th, 12:35 No
Yes     Scarlett Jun 19th, 12:39 No
Yes     Sharpaim   Jun 19th, 13:59 No
Yes     Bluedark   Jun 19th, 14:31 No
Yes     Ishad Jun 19th, 20:04 No
Yes     Cherymental   Jun 19th, 21:06 No
Yes     Flinkx   Jun 19th, 23:52 No
Yes     Eveliné Jun 20th, 07:46 No
Yes     Fläva   Jun 20th, 10:34 No
Yes     Vermishank Jun 20th, 12:12 No
Yes     Whitley Jun 20th, 12:12 No
Yes     Aevanna   Jun 21st, 15:13 No
Yes     Gorall   Jun 20th, 12:20 No
Yes     Qulinèz   Jun 20th, 14:04 No
Yes     Mellari   Jun 20th, 15:55 No
Yes     Tarasha   Jun 20th, 16:51 No
Yes     Inflictíon Jun 20th, 18:00 No
Yes     Robinhóód   Jun 20th, 18:25 No
Yes     Submit   Jun 21st, 02:42 No
Yes     Ávitus   Jun 21st, 08:02 No
Yes     Midoriko   Jun 21st, 16:54 No
Yes     Dicoz   Jun 21st, 13:27 No
Yes     Ionîc Jun 21st, 18:54 No
Yes     Neliöjuuri Jun 22nd, 02:35 No
Yes     Lloyddk Jun 22nd, 07:05 No
Yes     Deì   Jun 22nd, 13:36 No
Yes     Adon Jun 22nd, 14:17 No
Yes     Archaus   Jun 22nd, 14:29 No
Yes     Syani Jun 22nd, 16:05 No
Yes     Bämleeroy   Jun 22nd, 16:07 No
Yes     Littlebopeep Jun 22nd, 16:17 No
Maybe     Gezze Jun 21st, 19:05 No
Maybe     Baldibar   Jun 18th, 12:11 No
Maybe     Шаадоу   Jun 19th, 09:59 No

Cancelled Roster

View all cancelled sign ups.


Tanks: 2 / 3 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 5 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 17 (3 reserves)

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Sun 23 Jun 2013
Posted at 14:11
Sorry i missed it, i check 24 hours prior and then 2 hours and was not in the team seems i got an email at 7pm saying i was now a reserve unfortunately bit late notice :(

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 19:23
very sorry, something came up and i know i said it late :( but u have tons of ppl so ^^

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 17:52
I cannot make it, something came up. GL.

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 17:32
Invites for the accepted are out. Reserves will be invites in about 15 minutes. For those who wants to watch the raid tune in on Trusmoov's stream

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 13:50
For those who didn't get in - you are all welcome to join us on Ventrilo and/or watch the stream. AND... we may still need people!

Sat 22 Jun 2013
Posted at 11:24
Sorry, cant make it.

Fri 21 Jun 2013
Posted at 23:32
gl have fun

Fri 21 Jun 2013
Posted at 21:32
Just to let you know I did race change, I am still favor ^^

Fri 21 Jun 2013
Posted at 21:07
I have a feeling that you guys dont like shamans..

Fri 21 Jun 2013
Posted at 15:56
Woot I am the only holadin ?

New: Alt Spec

If you'd like to join with your alternative specialization, you can use this field. Note that if you use this field, the event leader can change your role! The event leader will select the role you are needed as. Please make sure you prepare for the correct role. Your role may change at any time.