OpenRaid - #OR Event: DK MSV w/#Acherus


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#OR Event: DK MSV w/#Acherus

Led by an OpenRaid staff leader
StartSun 14 July 2013, 00:00  End 02:00 (GMT+1)
TypeExtreme Raid   Difficulty Normal (25 man)
Faction  Horde  Region  US
Item Level 1+  Character Level 90+
LootNeed before Greed  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Darrique


What we're doing...

Join us for a special event where you can raid with members of #Acherus - the premier DK Community in WoW, featuring moderators from Elitist Jerks and Icy Veins!

This is a Death Knight only event - you must be a Death Knight to sign up. You MUST add your Death Knight to OpenRaid and sign up on that character. [/warn]

All players who sign up for the event will be left at Not Approved until 72 hours before the Event, and then Approvals/Reserves will be completed randomly for those that qualify. Full MSV Clear Experience + iLvl of 510+ is requested for this event.

You will receive a BattleTag request from Darrie *at least* one hour before the raid, and you must accept this BattleTag request no later than 30 minutes before the start of the raid, or risk being replaced.

We will be streaming live, worldwide!

Ventrilo + DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs is required. No exceptions.

Voice Chat is 100% Required. You MUST have Vent set up and ready to go.

Vent Info
Port: 3784
Password: raidopen
Channel: OpenRaid Event

Please note: This event is subject to rescheduling should other obligations arise for the folks from #Acherus at the scheduled raid time. We thank you in advance for understanding.

This event may be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording.

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Approved Roster

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Darrique Jul 6th, 04:14 Yes
Yes     Simetrik   Jul 6th, 23:30 Yes
Yes     Reniat Jul 7th, 04:21 Yes
Yes     Grennish   Jul 9th, 21:25 Yes
Yes     Alastair   Jul 9th, 16:35 Yes
Yes     Vergilus Jul 10th, 16:51 Yes
Yes     Firekknight   Jul 10th, 17:17 Yes
Yes     Spared   Jul 10th, 23:43 Yes
Yes     Marza   Jul 11th, 00:12 Yes
Yes     Mendenbarr Jul 6th, 10:39 Yes
Yes     Zantetsukën   Jul 6th, 10:58 Yes
Yes     Devolve Jul 6th, 15:32 Yes
Yes     Scummy Jul 6th, 17:18 Yes
Yes     Phyxius Jul 6th, 18:51 Yes
Yes     Aldragon   Jul 7th, 02:53 Yes
Yes     Pinkiepie   Jul 7th, 21:39 Yes
Yes     Shyllo Jul 9th, 03:21 Yes
Yes     Ðres   Jul 9th, 04:31 Yes
Yes     Ivywhite   Jul 9th, 16:49 Yes
Yes     Pachacutec Jul 9th, 17:47 Yes
Yes     Baconcake Jul 10th, 00:22 Yes
Yes     Facebreaker   Jul 10th, 09:44 Yes
Yes     Babyjace   Jul 10th, 19:14 Yes
Yes     Unholysin Jul 12th, 06:09 Yes

Reserves Roster

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Zerø Jul 9th, 01:06 Reserves
Yes     Merch Jul 9th, 18:18 Reserves
Yes     Dkmoo   Jul 6th, 11:49 Reserves
Yes     Sysus   Jul 11th, 18:06 Reserves
Yes     Jäckßauer Jul 12th, 06:17 Reserves


This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Mordiggian Jul 6th, 04:47 No
Yes     Rintinsin Jul 6th, 11:23 No
Yes     Elfstorm Jul 6th, 14:20 No
Yes     Ehyan Jul 6th, 14:24 No
Yes     Kinshara   Jul 6th, 14:30 No
Yes     Boorock   Jul 7th, 02:48 No
Yes     Moonmonkey   Jul 7th, 17:42 No
Yes     Naldi   Jul 7th, 23:33 No
Yes     Kordez   Jul 8th, 22:06 No
Yes     Saadarth   Jul 10th, 14:20 No
Yes     Còrybòmb Jul 9th, 18:08 No
Yes     Darkcanibal   Jul 11th, 12:19 No
Yes     Grimscar   Jul 11th, 16:44 No
Yes     Kâelthâs   Jul 11th, 20:56 No
Yes     Kreatonis   Jul 11th, 22:45 No
Yes     Kirtash Jul 13th, 20:36 No
Yes     Flacks   Jul 13th, 21:12 No
Yes     Jamjam Jul 11th, 15:58 No
Yes     Miskani   Jul 13th, 19:15 No
Yes     Rdx   Jul 7th, 21:54 No
Yes     Crypts Jul 6th, 18:09 No
Yes     Stoya   Jul 6th, 18:19 No
Yes     Armory Jul 6th, 19:35 No
Yes     Ageha   Jul 6th, 21:26 No
Yes     Jumi Jul 7th, 05:28 No
Yes     Atheña Jul 7th, 08:14 No
Yes     Whatsnext Jul 7th, 15:48 No
Yes     Legnaros Jul 7th, 16:46 No
Yes     Chainsofnice Jul 7th, 16:56 No
Yes     Paynè Jul 8th, 21:28 No
Yes     Boozekeg   Jul 9th, 01:19 No
Yes     Kegadeath   Jul 9th, 04:24 No
Yes     Acalanto   Jul 9th, 20:44 No
Yes     Vylentqt   Jul 9th, 22:51 No
Yes     Ironhide Jul 9th, 23:07 No
Yes     Enrgy Jul 10th, 08:08 No
Yes     Cocohone Jul 10th, 19:33 No
Yes     Viicous   Jul 10th, 21:39 No
Yes     Unclemorty Jul 11th, 02:04 No
Yes     Darthvaderz   Jul 11th, 04:12 No
Yes     Cerr Jul 11th, 08:14 No
Yes     Kaitoth Jul 11th, 17:48 No
Yes     Phoker Jul 11th, 21:58 No
Yes     Japi   Jul 12th, 13:19 No
Yes     Dianâ   Jul 12th, 19:03 No
Yes     Yudai   Jul 13th, 04:29 No
Yes     Soulslicer   Jul 13th, 15:30 No
Yes     Kaeliri Jul 13th, 18:14 No
Yes     Cassõnberry Jul 14th, 00:10 No
Maybe     Mõrtis Jul 6th, 14:24 No
Maybe     Shikyokami Jul 10th, 20:38 No
Maybe     Borticus Jul 10th, 20:59 No
Maybe     Kutlu Jul 8th, 04:11 No

Cancelled Roster

View all cancelled sign ups.


Tanks: 2 / 3 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 22 (3 reserves)

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If you would like to discuss this event, you can use this chatbox. Keep in mind the raid leader may not be in the chat box. If you're the raid leader or a reserve, this chatbox can be very useful just before the raid so that you can stay in touch while the raid is being formed.

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Sun 14 Jul 2013
Posted at 00:02 request sent. Guess I wasted a day of preparing for this. Good luck.

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 23:40
I'm outside the instance, and In vent :D (stalker status >.>)

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 23:38 For Mordiggian's progress. For some reason it only displays the character's progress rather than the account's.

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 23:10
Ready and waiting as a reserve

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 22:13
Here if a spot opens!

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 21:26
Something came up last minute, can't make it :(. Good luck guys.

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 21:07
Will this be on twitch at all? Would love to watch you guys do this.

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 16:33
BTag Friend Requests for Approved players have been sent out. You must accept this request and be online 30m before the raid start time.

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Posted at 15:04
lol...a paladin signed up.. Before too long all 10 classes that aren't deathknights will be on here.

Fri 12 Jul 2013
Posted at 06:17

New: Alt Spec

If you'd like to join with your alternative specialization, you can use this field. Note that if you use this field, the event leader can change your role! The event leader will select the role you are needed as. Please make sure you prepare for the correct role. Your role may change at any time.